The Making of a Fruit Stand

Our Fruit Stand is a majestic piece made from solid porcelain, giving it a truly ethereal quality. That said, it is reassuringly heavy. It is the result of a high level of craftsmanship and is made by Steve Neville one of our potters who is highly experienced in working with porcelain.  The base is hand thrown on the wheel whilst the bowl is produced on a jolley machine using a plaster of Paris mould.  They are fired separately then fired again together with a ceramic cement creating a perfect harmony of form.

Tall and Short Fruit Stands

Steve throws the clay and starts to work it outwards.

Buiding up the base.

 He continues until the pedestal reaches the required height.

 He makes a groove in the base, part of John Julian's design.

 The John Julian stamp is indented whilst the clay is still impressionable.

 Bowls await firing and to be joined with the bases. Just the interior of the bowl is glazed.

The finished article.

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