Making of a mug

We've added a new product to our range - the Simple Mug.  

Simple it may look, but it has taken many months in the design, making and perfecting. Our mug 
has a generous bowl, and standing squatter than a normal mug, it could be considered a cross
between a tea cup and a mug, worthy of doing both jobs.  It works well with the rest of our porcelain
tableware range and will be available from 1st October.


Simple Mug, Porcelain

Simple Mug with Cobalt Blue Line, Porcelain


Making the mug involves several stages:

Clay is formed within a plaster mould, using the jigger & jolley machine.

Laying the extruded clay over a dowel to create the handles.

Julian carefully positions the handles with slip. 

Our mug is glazed with a blue hue ready for firing.


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Post by Diane Potter on 16 Sep, 2015

Wishing my life away!!! Can’t Wait………. ;D

Post by Eileen Guggenheim Wilkinson on 16 Sep, 2015

Thanks ror the photos. They look wonderful. Can we pre- order?