The Breakfast Collection
Make every breakfast a stylish and elegant affair.
    • Fluted stoneware bowl
    • Handmade Fluted Stoneware Bowl

      Exquisitely hand-crafted. Smooth contoured fluted lines follow the natural curvature of the bowl. We leave it unglazed on the outside to show off the unique texture of the stoneware, which has a calming, stone-like quality. This makes a stunning stand-alone piece. Material: Stoneware25cm wide x13.3cm highDishwasher proof

    • Handmade Porcelain Fluted Bowl
    • Handmade Fluted Porcelain Bowl

      The handcrafted Fluted Porcelain Bowl is a perfectly proportioned and balanced piece that celebrates classic design. It is made in a grogged porcelain, a new material in our porcelain range. 'Grog' is a gritty ceramic material that is added to the clay which, when fired, gives a stone like quality to...