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John Julian Cobalt Blue Serving Bowl

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Julian Sainsbury

Sculptor and designer Julian Sainsbury is recognised for his collection of exquisite Kitchenware, Serveware and Tableware. His designs are known for their pared-back aesthetic, neutral palette and finely judged simplicity. Leading chefs and discerning cooks and foodies around the world appreciate the sculptural form and the excellent function of his enduring design classics.

Julian's distinctive design style is utilitarian with a classical influence - resulting in a purity derived from considerations of functionality. He is often featured in the press and his products, including the range of Pestle & Mortars, the Mixing Bowls (Pouring) are regularly used by leading chefs such as Nigel Slater, Nigella Lawson, Andrei Lussman, Anthony O'Toole and others.

In 2013, finally losing patience with the restrictions of conventional mass manufacturing, he set up his own artisan workshop in Wiltshire.

Handcrafted in Wiltshire

We produce our ceramic products in two different ways. Some are made by hand on a jolley machine, while others are hand thrown on a potter's wheel. A jolley machine pushes and forms clay into a spinning mould - a technique developed in the 18th Century. When still a little damp, they are turned out and fettled (smoothed off with a knife and sponge), and then left to dry.

A clear glaze is sprayed on (this has a blue tint to it so that we can see where the glaze is, but disappears in the kiln.)  All our products are fired at an exceptionally high heat, making them very durable and robust.  

Why Porcelain?

The porcelain we use is a beautiful soft white. We like to use it for its strength and durability as well as for aesthetics. It is a common misconception that porcelain is fragile. In fact porcelain is durable and hard, often used in medical and industrial applications. The strength comes from firing it at an extremely high temperature. Traditionally medicinal pestle & mortars were made in porcelain because of their durability. 

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