An increasing number of clients are commissioning bespoke ranges from us, inspired by the authentic artisan nature of our techniques and the unique and beautiful pieces that we produce.

We offer a range of bespoke options, from stamping a single letter to an illustration by our in-house artists. This means that we can create anything from a bespoke tableware set as the perfect wedding present, to branded statement tableware for restaurants and hotels.

Our traditional techniques mean that the bespoke design becomes a permanent part of each piece. We fire at very high temperature which makes our porcelain and stoneware highly durable and ensures that your bespoke tableware lasts to become a family tradition.

We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure we achieve exactly the design you have in mind. Due to the small size of our workshop and the hand-crafted nature of our production, we are able to produce relatively small quantities.

To discuss a bespoke order, please call 01722 744805 or email us.

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"I set up the workshop for John Julian three years ago because I felt mass production tends to give homogenous results and lacks soul. At John Julian we use traditional techniques and employ a team of skilled makers. Our tableware has an individual feel to it – you sense that each plate and bowl has been handcrafted, yet because it’s fired at an exceptionally high heat, it’s very robust, making it perfect for everyday use." Julian Sainsbury

Some examples of what we offer:

Letter Stamp in Black

Sheep Stamp with Blue Line

Coloured Lines using Slip

Stamp: The New Craftsmen



Stencil: Private Client

Stencil: Angie Lewin